Sonnet Structure is the DNA of a mathematician's poetry;
a systemic model against which to measure evolving strains.
A self-examination for sport, mutation, or pleasing symmetry.
An etude in syllabic scale by which its form obtains...
A single premise guides one thought, with strict geometry.
Lilting to the ear and to the depth of two quatrains.
Freighted with emotion locked in coded circuitry,
posing questions or opinions that the sestet then explains.
In two quatrains the premise has twice been clearly stated.
Now tercets may appear, or three couplets tri-furcated,
allowing for low predicates and sweet syntactic tricks.
Meter becomes motion with the rhyme scheme modulated,
freeing words to kiss and glance by glissé infatuated.
That's why I love a classic sonnet in the format eight & six.