They came in great numbers with harps, fiddles, bagpipes,
flutes, flageolets, citterns and kettledrums.
Musettes & talking shoes. Chattering canes.
Symbolic megaphones & pitch pipes calibrated
for Etymologies written in Tongues.
They came in painted wagons, poster-clad;
by boat or train, by field & streams of consciousness.
Glittering costumes, frayed scripts, & tall tales.
Songs that bend the mind, treat the ear &
refresh the scenery of fading stages.
Missionaries of the Word.
Punsters, philosophers, philologians, pedagogues
& grammatis personae of every stripe.
Proselytizing Pilgrims
in the Transcendental Language Play.

"For all the infinite cultural variety that has marked the long road of human experience,if there is one single thing that above all else unites human beings today, it is our symbolic capacity: our common ability to organize the world around us into a vocabulary of mental representations that we can recombine in our minds, in an endless variety of new ways".

Ian Tattersall, Masters of the Planet: The Search for Our Human Origins