Whither the Soul of Wit?
Surely more grand than light Levity?
Polonius quipped in Hamlet
that the Soul of True Wit was brevity.

Clearly Hamlet's quite brimming with wit ~
Puns and Bon Mots marked for posterity.
Though five hours of Hamlet per serving
bodes ill for the Bardic regard for Celerity.

Parody, Satire and Sarcasm?
Each must derive from a borrowed reality.
Badinage, Jest and Burlesque?
Mere Tongue-toss and base Whimsicality.

The Punch Line Joke is an idle Contrivance.
A Prank or a Lark is capricious.
Sly Banter and Gay Repartee?
Hardly more than barely Facetious.

If Wit hath a Soul to be named,
Brevity cannot claim it!
We Earnestly make the case that
Oscar is what you should name it.