An Invisible Childe might prove apt to mischief;
his invisibility making it so, that unobserved,
he, observing you, inclines to rearrange your sock drawer.
Or place treats on your pillow, and speculate upon your behavior;
even though there is no motive, hurt or benefit involved.
Invisible mischief. Nothing more.
An Invisible Man with no name could write with warm convection;
could report false alarm and never feel the wrath of neighbors
more heated than stink bombs in his numbered postal box.
He could endow a library with smug complacency;
he could, for spite alone, cause most egregious harm.
Without fear of retribution, no threat adheres, no bars, no locks.
A gang of Nameless Invisible Men, with no fixed address,
nor bodies to bleed, could move and consume at will.  
They could acquire through hostile takeover, restructure, downsize.
No law nor statute could be drawn. By whom enforced?
No weapon could stop or kill. Only by their own encrypted ledgers
could truth be separated from lies.
Invisible, anonymous, bodiless men could constitute a tyranny.
A host of abominations.
It seems now unwise to have chartered such creatures
that we call global corporations.