When real citizens of flesh and blood truly get united,
they are unafraid to give real names and show a partisan face.
Sometimes profiled, falsely charged, arrested or indicted,
to face judgements rigged by laws that measure wealth and race.

They swear to tell the whole truth when giving testimony.
Their personhood is sworn aloud, with dignity and pride.
They keep not secret motives, nor hidden acrimony.
Their speech is free, thus not for sale, and not to be denied.

They may be fined, detained, arraigned, muzzled or proscribed
from right to free assembly where the public is invited.
Can be huckstered and deceived, but never bought or bribed.
And woe to him who baits the bull and gets the beast excited.
They vote as if votes counted. Send their taxes first-class mail.
Behold the wrath and power of true citizens united.