Lightning Rods for Satan

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Beware the Chinese Junk

The Chinese Junk Sails On

Gender Revolution

The Hierarchy of Need

Dignity Dog

Whiff of Heisenberg

Genesis Ebbs

Exodus Flows

Latitude & Longitude

Solstice & Equinox

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Schedule of Truth

In Stealth it fills the Channel.

Larger, Swifter, than her Forbearers.

Her Cargo laden with Sweat and Glitter,

Cheap Spices to be-sizzle the Round-Eye Tongues,

Wagging only of today’s Wars and Derivatives.

Ignoring all Consequence. Recognizing no Horizons.


Beware Barbarian Traders who write History

in years and ticks and modalities.

Child-like Pawns in Convenience Store Lines

Plucking Treasures as fragile as their Attention Deficits,

Ingesting Landfills and Half-Life Disasters.

Exporting True Wealth for Innovations in Packaging.


The Victory is Hollow.

The Spoils scarcely worth taking.

The Vanquished mere Children.

We have prepared for Millennia

To Inherit an Enemy that knows not the Stars

nor the Direction of the Winds.


Beware the Chinese Junk.

It Opiates the will of Pointless Exploitation

Mocks Tsunami Vengeance

Harbors Lust for Reparations

Hears no Unmediated Sound

Leaves Footprints on the Waves of Finite Oceans.