Lightning Rods for Satan

Cause & Effect

Sans Culottes

Infinite Monkey Logic

States of Consciousness

Electro Convusive Therapy

Cyberian Goo Log



Beware the Chinese Junk

The Chinese Junk Sails On

Gender Revolution

The Hierarchy of Need

Dignity Dog

Whiff of Heisenberg

Genesis Ebbs

Exodus Flows

Latitude & Longitude

Solstice & Equinox

Relax Bonzo

Schedule of Truth


Two Centuries before Jesus walked on Water

The Chinese Junk sailed into the Prevailing Wind.

Astrologer and Astrolabe, tacking for Spoils.

Stable on High Seas, inland nimble. Easy to Hide.

Tax Collectors for the Dynasty of Song.

Models of Mendacity for Genghis and Kubla Khan.


Beware the Chinese Junk, waging War

With Piracy of Taste and Cunning Arts of Diverse Hands.

Spiders and Moths that weave Silk and Gossamer.

Nectars, Spices and Oils worth their Weight in Amber.

First to print currency, turning Paper to Gold.

Secret Waterway Maps, detailed and arcane.


We Speak of Victory and Spoils.

The Warrior’s Art is reduced to mere deception.

Black Powder for the Tyrants’ Obligations

White Powder for Shaming of the Poor.

We will not share our Wisdom

And they have none worth stealing.


Beware the Chinese Junk.

The Sea is a Battlefield

Where Serpents still have Voice.

The Vastness is less a challenge than a Refuge.

Our Bulkheads are Strong and Dry

For Storms that will rage Tomorrow.