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Schedule of Truth


Thin and wobbly shadows fill the histories finely writ.

Writ or no, most all degrade or disappear unseen.

Unseen in open caskets. Not shown before a judge.

Judged only by the rumors of what merely could have been.


Could have been a tool and die man, born to tool and die.

Die for love of truth. Die of heartbreak growing old.

Old pilgrims godforsaken, die never knowing why...

why truth dies with the honest meek, and lies survive the bold.


The boldest lies last longer, they're the ones you most believe.

Most believe on fine rag papers, blind-embossed and leather bound.

Bound to brash unreason, guilt-edged to best deceive.

Deceive in hagiography; with no untruth unfound.


Unfounded speculations blinding justice more than peers.

Peers eschewing juries as they misremember sin.

Sin lingers in the crevices, like dust for untold years.

Years of history best forgotten, ‘til it repeats again.