Lightning Rods for Satan

Cause & Effect

Sans Culottes

Infinite Monkey Logic

States of Consciousness

Electro Convusive Therapy

Cyberian Goo Log



Beware the Chinese Junk

The Chinese Junk Sails On

Gender Revolution

The Hierarchy of Need

Dignity Dog

Whiff of Heisenberg

Genesis Ebbs

Exodus Flows

Latitude & Longitude

Solstice & Equinox

Relax Bonzo

Schedule of Truth


Desktop elixir, mother of potions,

where muses still dip the odd quill

to render the prophet’s four-color devotions,

in negative space, light emissions may fill.

Electronic ooze brews elusive emotions

morphing signal to noise in the media swill.

Brewers of postmodern analog mash

take care when firing the digital still.

Pixels escaping leave trails to your caches

kilobytes leak when they dither and spill.

A raster emitting one radiant flash

may darken displays and render sound nil.

No protection from surge will weather that crash~

you think it’s not coming; but you know that it will.