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we’ve all had the same dream
climaxed with shame or exhilaration
the dream in which we are inexplicably
stripped naked,

in situ unsuited for civil intercourse...
where only ensuing litigants
have briefs or hidden assets.

we’ve run through cold streets
with our privacies waving
exposed and driven
by the need to show them
what we are made of...

naked in our love and compassion
for our fellow beings,
sharing only the barest

you know you’ve had the dream.

i’ve dreamed you had the dream
and we were all naked
crouching, strutting, hiding, teasing,
as is our want.

crying, whining, trembling with the
gooseflesh of uncertain situations.

so i live awake, redressed,
a slave to wool and political fashion
wrapped in corduroy or evil fur and rayon
but naked to the world of the seldom scene.

still terrified of the dream
i am terrified that the dream
will not come again

and that i will never have the courage
of the sans-culottes.